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회의하며 적고 있는 모습Compliance Management
At Celltrion USA our Compliance Program is designed to support compliance with the laws, regulations, and company directives and guidance that apply to our products and to prevent, detect, and correct instances of non-compliance. The Company expects that our employees and agents will comply with all applicable directives and guidance, as well as the related laws, regulations, and industry codes.
깨진 유리와 공의 이미지Ethics Training
Celltrion USA provides employees with Compliance training to assist them in conducting Celltrion business in an ethical and compliant manner as well as in identifying and responding to potential risks. We train our employees on our Compliance Program, related policies, and on all applicable laws, regulations, and industry codes.
전화선 이미지 Compliance Hotline
The Celltrion USA Compliance Hotline enables anyone to report compliance concerns; reports may be made on an anonymous basis. Celltrion USA is committed to a confidential, to the extent possible, and non-retaliatory reporting process.


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